Create Conker Assignments in Conker

Create Conker Assignments in Conker

Create Conker Assignments in Conker

Check out our newest feature! A seamless integration with Canvas allows you to create Conker assignments straight from Canvas.

If your school or district has a Conker subscription, and if your administrator has completed the steps to connect Conker with Canvas, you can create Conker assignments from within Canvas. 

Educators are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the learning experience for their students. To facilitate this, we are proud to announce our latest feature — a seamless integration of Conker with Canvas. This integration empowers educators to effortlessly create Conker assignments directly from Canvas, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.

For educational institutions utilizing both Conker and Canvas, this integration marks a significant step forward in streamlining assignment creation. It allows teachers to take advantage of Conker's versatile features without leaving the familiar Canvas environment.

How to Create Conker Assignments within Canvas

Creating Conker assignments from your Canvas account is a straightforward process:

  1. Access Canvas Assignment Tool: Log in to your Canvas account and navigate to the desired course.

  2. Click on "Assignments": Within the course, click on the "Assignments" tab to access the assignment tool.

  3. Add a New Assignment: Select "Add Assignment" to begin creating a new assignment.

  4. Choose Conker Assignment Type: Within the assignment creation window, select "Conker Assignment" as the assignment type.

  5. Configure Conker Assignment Settings: Set the necessary details for the Conker assignment, such as the assignment title, due date, instructions, and any additional attachments.

  6. Save and Publish: Once all relevant information has been added, click "Save" to save the assignment as a draft or "Save & Publish" to make it immediately available to students.